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Influencer filming himself with a video camera while sitting atop a mountain overlooking a small town.

Questions to Ask When Considering an Influencer Campaign

No longer just buzz words, influencer marketing has become a powerful component of marketing and communications strategies. Brands of all sizes across all verticals are using influencers to increase engagement, expose new audiences to their products and services, and create memorable content. As influencer marketing has evolved, so has the approach to working with influencers.
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Stylized map with location pins.

Solving a Business Problem with Sitecore

One of our clients had a pattern of acquiring smaller health care networks and bringing them under their already large umbrella. As their list of locations treating various medical conditions increased, so did the need for a cleaner way to manage and display relevant locations for their 1,300+ service offering content pages.  
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Illustration of team members migrating content from website to website.

Upgrading Sitecore – A Journey from 8.0 to 9.3

One of our larger clients was using Sitecore 8.0 rev5 on-prem for their website, and their SLA was out of compliance. For this reason, as well as being many versions behind, the client opted to upgrade the site. What follows is a high-level account of the journey our development team took to get them from Sitecore 8.0 to Sitecore 9.3.
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Keyboard with accessibility symbols on the keys.

Protecting our Client’s Brand Reputation Using Siteimprove

Our client was looking for a tool to help manage their 13,000+ page Sitecore website. Pages are continually added and are modified by multiple content authors, so they needed a tool to help identify and organize issues that arise. Siteimprove is a tool that provides solutions for overall website optimization.
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"Ughhh!" in distressed typography

My Website has CLS – Now What?

Social Distancing. Coronavirus. Lockdown. New normal. These are a sampling of new terminology bestowed upon us in 2020 (albeit with little warning). Another new term that may not be as familiar poses a significant challenge to the well-being of websites: Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).
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Your Table is Waiting

I went out to dinner this past weekend and was so happy to have to wait for a table. Sounds odd, right, but after 14 plus months of the most challenging times for our restaurant partners, I was glad to wait.
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Expandable file folders atop a desktop.

Migrating Sitecore Indexes from Lucene to Solr

When we were upgrading our Sitecore 8 project to Sitecore 9, we needed to come up with a new solution for indexing the data. Our Sitecore 8 project was using Lucene for indexing which posed two problems: Lucene was not supported in our Sitecore 8 environment configuration, and Lucene was not supported in Sitecore 9.
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desk at home with work computer on it

Making Work from Home the Best Place to Work

When the pandemic struck, LC needed to quickly adapt its office-centric company culture to a remote environment. Heather Batchelor, executive vice president of human resources, shares the creative solutions that kept company culture thriving and led to Crain’s Chicago naming LC one of the “Best Places to Work” in 2021.
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Reporter holding notebook and microphones.

How a Non-profit Model is Leading a Resurgence in Local Earned Media

During a recent event hosted by the Milwaukee Press Club, veteran journalist Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet the Press shared his professional insights into the state of journalism and what the future may hold. Over the next decade, Todd predicted his profession’s landscape will shift slowly beyond the public scorn and skepticism cast on journalists …
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Illustration of ranch-style home with neighbors waving hello to one another.

In the Pandemic World, We’re All the Friendly Agency Next Door

Our relationships and understanding will be more layered This article was first published in Adweek. Hello, we’re the agency next door. A mere 2,000 miles away. Who would have thought that a single piece of technology would change the way an entire industry works?  And yet, like the advances brought by the fax machine, overnight delivery and email before it, …
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Illustration of man carrying a file folder of digital content icons.

Content Engineering: Future-Proof your Content

Whether you’ve heard of content engineering or not, it’s a critical component to future-proofing your content. To content strategists and marketers, “engineering” can feel a little out of our wheelhouse. It’s surprisingly not and it’s essential to seeing our complex, innovative content strategies come to life.
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Illustration of woman floating above her desk and chair.

Consumers are Ready to Return to Healthcare (Sort of)

As the complexities of COVID continue to dominate our attention, we share the results from our most recent Pulse wave, a national survey of 1,800+ respondents to take the temperature of the nation. As a follow up to our April 2020 wave, published previously, we fielded research in August 2020 to evaluate mind states and …
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Illustration of teenage girl typing on a keyboard.

How Gen Z Is Handling Life in Quarantine—and How Marketers Should Help

Finding it difficult to communicate through digital only How is Gen Z handling life in quarantine? Strategic Planning Director, Tom Curtes, weighs in with data to illustrate how marketers can help. This article was first published in Adweek. Gen Z would seem like a generation meant for quarantine. After all, they told us in a study three years ago …
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Illustration of man and woman in laptop screens reaching for each other.

The Next Normal

What the advertising industry may look like in a COVID-19 world. How will the advertising industry look in a COVID-19 world? Chief Creative Officer John Maxham weighs in with his predictions for what comes next. This article was first published in There’s a lot of talk about the “new normal.” It mostly refers to ways we’ve adapted our …
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Patient Safety in a COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has changed consumers’ priorities when it comes to what they want out of their health care experience. With less focus on reputation and personalized care, and more on safety and cleanliness, marketers need to adapt their messaging.   Download the white paper. Based on a nationwide survey it gives the latest details on what consumers …
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A Quick Accessibility Test

Millions of Americans are unable to use a mouse for various reasons. To give you an idea of what it’s like, ditch the mouse (and trackpad) and try to navigate using only your keyboard. How to navigate a website without your mouse. Let us introduce you to the “tab” key. It will move you around to things …
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Be a Source of Reliable Information, Communicate Action and Preparedness Whether it is Covid-19 (Coronavirus), H1N1, SARS or any other large-scale outbreak concerning your employees, customers, and community, it is important to show leadership, provide reassurance, and relay information factually and consistently during this time of unknowns. It is your responsibility to be a calm resource in …
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Facade of two different buildings.

Take Control of Location Data Before It Leaves You Behind

Develop a plan to publish updated location information over a period of weeks, and even months This article was first published in Ad Age. What do artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, disruptor apps and the future of healthcare have in common?  Location, location, location. One of the most important things to do in 2020 is take control of your company’s location data online. …
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Single lens reflex camera.

What. A. Year.

A Look Back at 2019 2019 went by in a blink. Maybe that’s because we were so busy making a ton of breakthrough work. Over the past 12 months we’ve helped people to get back to the good with World Finance, celebrated an MVP with the Milwaukee Bucks, and became obsessed with jewelry with Jewelers Mutual. We gave Hoosier Lottery players …
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Two illustrated individuals with pixelated faces.

Personalization vs. Privacy

How personal is too personal in healthcare marketing? Consumers like to say they want a more personalized healthcare experience. But when it comes to sharing the data providers need to turn that ideal into a reality, people seem to have second thoughts. When it comes to personalization versus privacy in healthcare, where exactly is the line …
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Team members moving sticks up a ladder.

Make Content Work Harder for Your Business

Content marketing can feel like a major headache, both in creation and measurement. It’s enough to make you wonder: Is all this work actually making an impact on my business? If you’ve found yourself thinking this way, don’t worry! The next few paragraphs will help make sure your content marketing efforts are working as hard …
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Three-dimensional graph against a sunset background.

Good as Your Goal

Setting KPIs and Creating Realistic Yet Ambitious Goals All data tells a story. But if you haven’t set up the right framework, it can be difficult to know if your story is a thriller, drama or something else altogether. Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is critical, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Likewise, setting …
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