Attracting More Visitors Than Any Other State in the Midwest

  • Trips generated in 2015
  • Increase in visitors
  • Straight year of increases in visitation

Flanked by Minnesota and Michigan, Wisconsin is among a set of Upper Midwest states that is perceived as offering vacationers all of the same exhilarating outdoor activities and abundant natural beauty. So how does Wisconsin stand apart?

The Idea

Home to 5,000,000 of the friendliest, warmest, and most welcoming people in the world, Wisconsin has a vibe that’s authentic, genuine, and real. We embrace our visitors and feel a sense of satisfaction when they’re having fun. In Wisconsin, there’s no such thing as an insider secret – our goal is to show our visitors how to truly live like a local while they’re here.

The term “Supper Club” makes this uniquely Wisconsin experience sound exclusive. But in Wisconsin, we want everyone to join in the fun. We bring our visitors into the fold and show them how to experience Wisconsin like a local. Because when you’re having fun, we’re having fun.

How can you take a family vacation when you have to leave one of the members behind? Wisconsin is pet-friendly, and proud of it.

Supper Club Booth

We worked with our client to design Supper Club-themed concession stands at Lambeau Field and UW-Madison’s Kohl Center. Serving many of the same dishes as true Supper Clubs like fish fries, pot roast, and cheese curds, these concession stands help expose visitors and locals alike to the charm of one of Wisconsin’s finest ‘hot’ spots.


How it’s Working

The “Real Fun” campaign showcases Wisconsin’s truly unique and inclusive brand of fun. A fun Wisconsin experience isn’t just about a place or scenery or an activity, it’s largely connected to the people. Wisconsinites want to share their culture, attractions, way of life and their unique sources of fun. The campaign captures this spirit with the themeline “when you’re having fun, we’re having fun.” TV and print led the way in targeted Midwestern markets. Online radio and digital banners strategically rounded out our media buy. ROI figures continue to make our client very happy: for every dollar spent on paid media in summer and fall of 2015, $93 were spent by travelers in Wisconsin.