Amazon Alexa: Because Babies Don’t Come with a Manual

If there’s one thing we know about new moms – especially breastfeeding moms – it’s that they could always use a hand. Literally. That, paired with the rising popularity of voice search, provided a perfect opportunity to help these moms when and where they need it most: right now and in their homes.

The Idea

LC worked with Medela to create an Amazon Alexa skill that could provide answers to the most common breastfeeding and pumping questions, completely hands-free. We created content based on what moms are already searching for and engaging with on Medela’s existing website and social media channels. Then we made this content accessible to moms via voice-search on an Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device. Plus, Amazon Alexa recognizes different ways of asking the same question, so the user – mom – has a seamless experience. 


Why it Worked

Medela’s skill for Amazon Alexa is one key way the brand can meet the breastfeeding mom where she is, in a convenient and valuable way, while at the same time paving the way to incorporating even smarter future technologies into the breast pump user experience.

Get answers to your most common breastfeeding questions by enabling the skill now.

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