Filtering out the nonsense with a no-nonsense kind of guy

FRAM is about as old as the automobile. But to a younger generation of DIY’ers it wasn’t top of mind. We wanted to harken back to the brand’s earlier days and used the line, “You can pay me now or pay me later,” to inspire us. Enter Frampa, he’s old and wise and he’s ready to help out modern guys.

The Idea

By developing a character who spoke for the brand we delivered on our strategy of filtering out the nonsense. There’s a lot of choices and challenges to doing car care yourself, Frampa was there to help our guys get on the straight and narrow.

How it Worked

It started by finding the right Frampa. This character needed to cut through the BS, but outside that gruff exterior there’s a guy who cares about his guys. By casting a recognizable character actor, we were able to bring a bit of cachet to the role. Someone people would recognize, buying us those precious seconds in the pre-roll world.