Let’s face it, we don’t look to the future anymore, we live in the future. Our phones talk back to us, robots live amongst us, and data drives everything. So, for us innovation is the fuel that keeps our team, our company, and our business evolving just as fast as the rest of the world.

Internal Innovation

There are opportunities, technologies, and ideas that need exploration. We’re committed to investing in experimentation in order to stay at the forefront of technology.

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External Innovation

We’re looking to get you on the path to innovation and disruption.

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LC Lab

We can talk all day about how “innovative” we are, but at LC we like to lead by example. That’s why we created Laughlin Labs, a space for all of our employees to experiment, ideate, play with technology, and do much more than just talk. By encouraging our most tech savvy people to collaborate with everyone else on our team, we’re coming up with new ways to use new technology on a regular basis.

Medela Alexa Skill

Being a new mom is tough. So, anything that makes her life easier is a win. That’s why we created an Amazon Alexa skill specifically for breastfeeding moms that answers all of her toughest questions via voice-recognition technology.

Sears Auto Center

We used a high-powered super computer to sell tires. We harnessed the power of IBM Watson’s technology platform that uses natural language process and machine learning to reveal insights and provide better results over time. Watson learns the subject, consumers ask a question, Watson responds based on similar questions from others and continues to learn based on interactions.

Wisconsin Cranberry Growers Association Bugz App

Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association

To help cranberry growers better and more immediately identify and manage pests, we teamed up with the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association and Ocean Spray to investigate the possibility of creating an AI program that would allow growers to do just that. As we evolve the app, and continue gathering and labeling data, it will eventually allow growers to take a photo of an insect in the field on their phone and immediately receive an accurate identification of the insect.

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Leveraging Voice Recognition Tech to Find the Perfect Place to Eat

Leveraging Voice Recognition Tech to Find the Perfect Place to Eat

At LC, we pride ourselves in fostering innovative thinking across the board—this applies even to our interns. With voice tech continuing to emerge as an industry mainstay, we tasked our interns with creating their very own Alexa skill.
Solving a Business Problem with Sitecore

Solving a Business Problem with Sitecore

One of our clients had a pattern of acquiring smaller health care networks and bringing them under their already large umbrella. As their list of locations treating various medical conditions increased, so did the need for a cleaner way to manage and display relevant locations for their 1,300+ service offering content pages.  
Improving User Experience with React and Sitecore

Improving User Experience with React and Sitecore

As a health-care organization that provides quality care to many current and prospective patients, the ability to easily navigate thousands of physicians to find one that is “just right” is critical.
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