Obsessing Over Elevating a Timeless Brand

Jewelers Mutual is Completely, Totally, Obsessively Obsessed with Jewelry

When we were challenged to breathe new life into a 106-year-old brand, we accepted. Why? Because we're just as obsessed with delivering strategically sound, insight-driven, breakthrough work to our clients as our client, Jewelers Mutual, is with delivering best-in-class jewelry insurance to jewelry lovers across America.

Trust the obsessed

Many people have jewelry. Many people have insurance. But many people do NOT know there’s a massive company in Neenah, WI that insures jewelry and only jewelry.

Our challenge was to reintroduce this 100+ year-old company to a more modern jewelry buyer. Not only is awareness of Jewelers Mutual low, but awareness of the entire category of jewelry insurance is nearly nonexistent. We set out to change that.

Protect your jewelry, protect your story

Whether we’re talking about engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary watches or a just-got-promoted gift for yourself, jewelry is one of the most personal and expensive purchases we make over the course of a lifetime.

Each piece tells a story -- a story that needs to be protected. And trusting your precious pieces to people who also insure minivans and mansions just doesn’t cut it.


Our single-minded solution

We needed to let everyone know that the people at Jewelers Mutual do one thing: insure jewelry. And because they insure one thing and one thing only, they're slightly obsessed with it. It's all they think about. All they worry about.

So, who better to trust with your most prized possessions than a company that eats, sleeps and dreams jewelry? The answer’s pretty obvious, if you ask us.

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