What Just Happened

A look back at 2017

Not to toot our own horn, but we had a pretty great year. We snagged an incredible new Executive Vice President of Media, scored Best of Show at the Milwaukee 99 Awards and welcomed the birth of a healthy 12lb, 3oz, baby Griffin who nobly watches over our ideas and the people crazy enough to pursue them.

But enough of us talking about our accomplishments this year. It’s time to bring in the visual aids:


The Work


Meet the Newbie Who’s Rocketing Our Clients From Now to Next


A Best in Show for the Best Darn State.

Cleaning house is fun. Especially when the house gives you a giant wrench with your name on it as insta-worthy proof. In all sincerity, we were honored to be awarded Best of Show at the Adworkers 2017 Milwaukee 99 Awards Show. We couldn’t have put on the show we did for Wisconsin Department of Tourism without the hardworking people who lived, breathed and ate through all that is Wisconsin. Check out the goods below:


Though She Be but Fuzzy, She is Fierce

The Griffin is the noble protector of our ideas. See how we welcomed the newest baby griffin into our den.


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