Oops, You Did it Again

Analytics mistakes to avoid

When it comes to measuring the performance of your ad campaigns and marketing efforts, it’s probably safe to say you’re swimming in a sea of data. But are you tracking the right metrics and using the correct data sets to tell the story you want and need to tell?

Maybe so, maybe not.

If you’re on the fence, have a look at our infographic that breaks down the top 5 mistakes marketers are making with their analytics data — from misunderstanding conversions and click-thru rates to neglecting click to call data — we offer some suggestions on the best ways to correct them.


Data-driven marketing isn’t the future. It’s here and now.

Every smart marketer knows that data can help drive their business, and an overwhelming majority are using it to measure and improve marketing results (86%, according to eMarketer).

We’re busy helping our clients optimize their marketing efforts with data – from developing new analytics strategies and approaches and finding new ways to leverage existing data to diving deeper into attribution and ROI. Give us a call to help you deliver on your analytics goals while avoiding mistakes that derail you.

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