Taking on the Goliaths of Your Industry

How to make a name in the insurance world

Acheive insurance clarity. Acheive total Acuity. It’s a modern-day David and Goliath story that many brands and marketers can relate to: trying to compete in a landscape of larger-than-life brands with larger-than-life advertising budgets. Few brand categories represent this challenging landscape better than insurance, ranked as the sixth top advertising category by spend. In 2015, the top 10 insurance advertisers in the United States spent between $139 million and $1.1 billion on advertising.

In such a competitive marketplace, how do you create awareness and drive online conversions for an established, yet virtually unknown brand? This was the challenge faced by Acuity Insurance.




The best kept secret in insurance.

In business since 1925 and named the #2 best company to work for in America, Acuity provides property and casualty insurance products to consumers and businesses in 25 states (and growing).

The company had never run a consumer-facing brand campaign before, as its insurance products are exclusively sold via an independent agent model. With paradigm shifts in the insurance industry and the ways consumers shop for insurance, Acuity needed to begin to drive online engagement and enable a seamless online purchase experience in order to secure its future.

Here are four general principles we followed to develop a campaign for Acuity which can apply for any brand going up against the Goliaths of its industry.

  1. Identify and understand your specific target audience.
    The Acuity customer makes informed, confident choices in all aspects of life, and places high value on receiving the best insurance coverage along with high-touch service. However, many people have been conditioned by the insurance industry to seek only the lowest price when shopping for insurance, sacrificing the human element of quality service.
  2. Find the compelling creative idea that will resonate with your target audience.
    The difference with Acuity Insurance is its people: they are dedicated to providing customer peace of mind. We rallied around this insight as we developed a campaign illustrating the relief of quality coverage while staying true to the company’s fun-loving culture. This would create awareness while building trust and confidence.


    The campaign message is that Acuity allows its customers to free their mind of their insurance worries in order to focus on what they love most in life. It’s a transformative brand statement that captures Acuity’s unique approach to insurance and its relationship with its customers.
  3. Develop unique creative executions that can’t be ignored.
    In the overcrowded insurance landscape, the campaign had to be different to stand out. The message is brought to life through whimsical and eye-catching graphics that illustrate what life can be like when you don’t have to worry about whether you’re covered or not.


  4. Master the delivery.
    The campaign also needed to be hyper-targeted to Acuity’s best prospects in order to maximize impact and minimize waste. The campaign launched in June 2016 and is being delivered through highly targeted channels. It is carried through on landing pages that allow prospective customers to learn more about the brand and begin an online quote.

So, to create disruption and stand out in a category of fierce competition, a brand must know its target audience, find the idea that will resonate with them, develop creative executions they can’t ignore and then deliver them to the audience via the right channels at the right times.


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