Three Vienna Beef hot dogs on a bun with mustard and onions.

Vienna Beef

After being cooped up inside for the past 16 months, Chicagoans needed a way to get back out there and have some fun before winter forced them back indoors. We gave it to them with the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Stand Challenge.

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Hoosier Lottery Electric 8's and Diamond Dash tickets.

Hoosier Lottery Influencer Marketing

If you ask someone why they play the lottery, chances are, they’ll say they play to win. But when we became the Hoosier Lottery’s digital AOR, we set out to change that. We wanted people to play because they saw Hoosier Lottery games as a fun experience from a company they believed in.

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Brightly colored Fall leaves.

Travel Wisconsin Influencer Marketing

In 2018, Travel Wisconsin set out to enhance its Instagram influencer program. The mission was to identify travel influencers in key niche audiences important to Travel Wisconsin’s target market and turn them into Wisconsin brand ambassadors.

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Young couple with an engagement ring.

Jewelers Mutual Influencer Marketing

After so many weddings were postponed in 2020, we knew 2021 was going to be packed with nuptials. And with that busier-than-ever wedding season on the horizon, LC saw an opportunity to leverage influencers to help remind brides about the importance of jewelry insurance for their coveted rings.

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Influencer filming himself with a video camera while sitting atop a mountain overlooking a small town.

Questions to Ask When Considering an Influencer Campaign

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No longer just buzz words, influencer marketing has become a powerful component of marketing and communications strategies. Brands of all sizes across all verticals are using influencers to increase engagement, expose new audiences to their products and services, and create memorable content. As influencer marketing has evolved, so has the approach to working with influencers.

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Supersized hourglass in train station with fall foliage substituting the traditional sand filling.

Travel Wisconsin

Millennials are always looking for new ways to experience the things they love doing. In addition to traditional creative executions, we created digitally optimized creative to pair their interests with activities, festivals and events found only in Wisconsin throughout the year.

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Man cutting pine lumber with a Milwaukee circular saw.

Fleet Farm

At Fleet Farm, the seasons are more than spring, summer, fall or winter, a season is about the little moments and micro seasons of life. Need a new camo hoodie? Fleet Farm season. Christmas Shopping for the grandkids? Fleet Farm Season. Fleet Farm is your every-season store.

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A family playing in a park with hula hoops.

El Camino Health

Our campaign highlights area locations and landmarks with circular shapes, as well as circles that fill our everyday lives. We paired those images with powerful healthcare images, all to show that El Camino Health offers well-rounded care that revolves around the community. So when we say, “What happens out there, determines what happens in here,” we absolutely mean it.

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