Media Activation: In-house Team, Out-of-this-World Results

Our work, the work that is so important to our clients is invisible if no one sees it. That’s why we’re all in on media. Where others outsource, we bring it in closer.

Want a reason to choose LC? Here’s three.

We’re media agnostic

In other words, we come at every job with fresh eyes and an open mind. Offline, online, no-line – if you can think it, we can brand it, optimize it and get it in front of your audience.


We Customize

Our plans are never cookie-cutter. We pride ourselves on bringing creativity and laser focused ideas to our each and every client.


We Are Innovative

When we use technology, we use it with a purpose. We ensure it connects back to the brand and we measure, test, adjust, and optimize at every stage so we can constantly prove and improve our strategy.

Faster than a Speeding Ad-Buy

LC Trading Desk Media happens in milliseconds now. The Trading Desk allows us to purchase any media on any screen in whatever content aligns with your audience seconds before it loads. Our transparent approach allows you to see the cost of every step of the process so you know exactly where your money is going. We base every decision on analytics, so we learn as we go, continually uncovering new audiences and ensuring that our strategy is at peak effectiveness. By doing all of this in-house we get faster turnaround times, deeper reporting insights, and better service from those who know your brand and are committed to your success.


  •   Digital
  •   Mobile
  •   Programmatic Buying
  •   PPC
  •   In-Life/Out-of-Home
  •   Television
  •   Radio
  •   Print
  •   Direct Marketing
  •   B2B