Reinventing a Brand with a Message that’s Oh-So-Good

Get Back to the Good

World Finance

Our mission was to take World Finance from a company their customers saw as simply a means to an end to one they would see as a partner and a helping hand. To do this, we needed to differentiate World Finance from the rest of the subprime loan market and connect with people over something beyond the need for money.


Increase in customer acquisition.


Number of interviews conducted.


Number of armchairs destroyed.

The Big Idea

To make a connection with potential customers, we first needed to understand what was driving them to apply for a loan and how they were deciding where to get it. After more than 1,000 interviews and some good, old-fashioned data analysis, we arrived at the one thing that mattered most: empathy.

Needing financial help to afford anything from groceries to a family vacation isn’t something most people are proud of. But having an approachable lender that sees more than credit scores (and one that acts with compassion and understanding) makes it a lot easier to continue to focus on the good. And that just happened to be World Finance’s specialty—helping people get through the hard parts of life so they can get back to the good ones.

World Finance logo animation

Starting at the logo and working our way up.

To fit a new, more empathetic brand tone, we redesigned the World Finance logo to give off friendlier vibes (and even gave it a friendly little smile). Then we backed up the new look with a full campaign including online video, radio, OOH, banner ads, social media, in-store posters and more. We even brought to life a few of the extremely specific situations we uncovered during our interview discovery process.

There’s no such thing as a small financial struggle.

It’s often the little things that help us see the good in life. But when unexpected costs come up, it’s always those little things that get cut—the extra groceries, the fun summer trip or the decorations that make an apartment feel like home. Through relatable mishaps, we showed people how World Finance can help them get their finances back on track so they can get back to the good faster.

"When This Week's Groceries Only Make it Until Tuesday" ad for World Finance by Laughlin Constable.
"Get Away Without Letting Your Finances Get Away from You" ad for World Finance by Laughlin Constable.

We’ve all been there, sort of.

In video and radio, we paired the bad of financial setbacks with a whole lot of good. So while not everyone has experienced their dog eating their armchair or been injured in a demolition derby, those looking for a loan could identify with how unexpected costs can keep them from the things they enjoy.

Why It Worked

Subprime lenders have a reputation for being opportunistic. But by focusing on the commitment World Finance has to helping people get back to the good in life, we were able to separate them from the pack. And in doing so, we helped their business get back to the good as well.

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