Streamlining the customer purchase experience

The Consumer Journey is King


To make SentrySafe’s online consumer journey as modern and sophisticated as their security solutions, we identified and targeted two major sticking points: the disjointed transition from researching products on to purchasing them through an e-commerce partner and the arduous process for retrieving lost keys or combinations. 


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The Big Idea

After nearly a century of creating safe storage solutions, it was time to update the way SentrySafe interacted with their customers. Previously, choosing the right safe put most of the burden of researching and selecting a safe on the consumer. And to retrieve a lost key or combination, customers needed to send in a notarized document, then endure the similarly frustrating call times to manage such a rigorous request. To fix both of these issues in one fell swoop, we digitized and streamlined both the pre- and post-purchase experience.

Select-A-Safe functionality on

Shopping for peace of mind shouldn’t be stressful.

SentrySafe has over 125 options to meet costumers’ security needs. While that means there’s a SentrySafe out there for just about everyone, the process of find that safe could be strenuous, to say the least. To help, we created an easy-to-follow buying guide and Safe Selector tool to walk consumers through the process from start to finish. We also fleshed out the experience with rich video and static content to educate them along the way. 

Making two websites feel like one.

Because SentrySafe is not a direct-to-consumer company, after shoppers found the right safe on, they were transferred to an e-commerce retailer for purchase. To further refine the purchase process, we dynamically connected the SentrySafe product detail pages to the equivalent page on an e-commerce partner’s site.

Building automation that rivals a real, live person.

Ask almost anyone and they’ll tell you that live support beats automation. But in this case, we proved the opposite by creating a series of product support videos based on the 25 most frequently asked live support questions. We also developed an online identity-validation feature that allowed past purchasers to retrieve their lost key or combination in a few simple steps—no more notaries and no more waiting on hold.

Change Battery walkthrough on

Why It Worked

People don’t consciously choose a safe based on a company’s website experience. They’re more interested in the size, features and reviews. But a difficult purchasing process can just as easily cause them to go with a company that offers a smoother path to purchase. By making SentrySafe that company, we were able to lockdown more sales while simultaneously decreasing the amount of support center calls.

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