Elementary, my dear IBM Watson

Where there’s a challenge, there’s also an opportunity. Like when it comes to finding new tires for your car: it can be a chore. Which is why Sears Auto Center asked us to help reimagine the way customers searched for car tires. Instead of using traditional, tire searching tools, LC found a way to discover an individual’s specific needs.

The Idea

Using the Natural Language Processing capabilities of IBM® Watson® technology allowed us to ask customers a fundamental question: “When it comes to tires, what’s most important to you?” It changed the interaction from users trying to find information, to users telling us what they most wanted.

Instead of being forced fed prompts, users were able to type in things like, “I drive on bumpy rural roads,” or “Off-roading is very important.” Even though these responses are very different IBM® Watson® was able to recognize NLP capabilities and offer up all-terrain as the tires both customers should be considering.

Why it Worked

For Sears Auto customers it shows they want to provide an experience that is in line with how they live their day to day life. Creating a seamless interaction between the website and the store.

IBM Watson® is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM Corp.).