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Northwestern Medicine

Anchored by a top-10 hospital in the nation*, Northwestern Medicine grew into a healthcare system through a series of acquisitions resulting in hundreds of care locations across Chicagoland – from the city to the suburbs. This resulted in a disparate web presence of hundreds of individual websites across hospital locations. LC led an ambitious project to establish an innovative, long-term digital strategy for Northwestern Medicine’s website platform that the organization could build upon as they continue to evolve.

*Northwestern Memorial Hospital by U.S. News & World Report, 2020-21


Increase in total visits.


Increase in doctor profile views. 


Increase in appointments.

The Big Idea

As an evolving academic medical center, Northwestern Medicine needed to better engage with prospective patients along their healthcare journey by bringing them closer to doctors and care locations. The focus was to establish a foundation and platform to support NM as a growing and expanding integrated academic health system, all while providing a patient-first experience.  Our digital strategy and vision set a path for Northwestern Medicine to become a unified healthcare system offering a patient-first experience. The website foundation zeroed in on six key areas, each addressed with a specific goal in mind.

Mobile version of Northwestern Website on iPhone.

Patient insights.

Extensive primary and secondary research as well as a variety of tools were used to capture patient insights and feedback. A process was developed to analyze and adjust for ongoing improvement. 

Patient personas.

LC identified six personas and concentrated on understanding each persona’s unique needs for primary (e.g. Find a Doctor, Find a Location, etc.) and secondary tasks (e.g. My Chart, Careers, etc.). 

Marketing technology & infrastructure.

Based on LC platform recommendations, Sitecore was chosen due to its flexibility to work with large IT legacy platforms as well as having the ability to provide solutions that are constantly evolving and introducing new innovations. 


Our content strategy was based on the healthcare journey and how prospective and current patients searched and found information.  An overall structure was created – called the ‘four-pillar’ approach. Using this approach, Service Line content for the new was organized into a consistent structure. The content strategy was built around the concept that users seeking information on are typically searching first by condition. Our four-pillar approach to conditions asked: 

– Who are the Specialists who treat the Condition, and where are they located? 
– What are the Condition Symptoms? 
– What are the Causes and Diagnoses? 
– What are the Treatments? 


Governance process allowed us to scale and evolve content while following website and brand guidelines. We worked closely with the NM IT team to ensure technologies, processes and security all aligned.

Monitor with Northwestern Medicine website page.

Why It Worked

Our challenge was to take a decentralized digital ecosystem that included 270+ websites from multiple hospitals, 6,800+ pages of content, little governance and oversight and minimal measurement planning in order to develop a digital platform that consolidated the health system’s footprint and addressed needed improvements in site architecture and infrastructure. The end product resulted in a scalable and repeatable design system, increasing efficiency by providing the team with a common language while producing a cohesive experience for users. 

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