Creating a Modern Website for a Legacy Brand Redesign

Master Lock

Everyone wants a shiny new website. But we’re not in the business of designing new websites just for the sake of being new. Instead, our aim at the start of any website project is to deliver a site that drives business and delivers an intuitive and meaningful experience to consumers, all while staying true to the legacy of the brand.

The Big Idea

Master Lock is a respected brand with a 100-year history of being the best in its class. So, when it came time to redesign their website, we wanted to pay homage to that premium legacy by creating an experience that mirrors the confidence and security Master Lock’s physical products give their customers. By pulling that brand equity forward into the digital space, we set about designing a site that doesn’t just sell locks but elevates the brand’s entire digital presence.

It’s more than a website, it’s an experience.

Our goal at the start of the project was simple: give the client what they want, as well as what they don’t even know they want. What that meant for Master Lock was creating an updated, user-friendly purchase path for customers. What that meant for us was finding a way to make sure the Master Lock website instills as much confidence in customers as their products do, all before they have a chance to leave the website.

So how’d we accomplish it? By digging into every detail of the website from high-level architecture to minute details. 

Digging into every detail.

  • We embedded ourselves in the brand, leveraging Master Lock’s extensive research on how customers choose locks, reworking how products are categorized, and enhancing the path to product journey for shoppers to make it more intuitive and more efficient.
  • We labored over the tiniest details, including button design, photo and animation builds, type treatments, and experiences that don’t just make a website look better, but increase the chances that the customer can find what they’re looking for and convert.
  • We focused in on key business driving features, like enhancing the Find a Lock feature and adding plugins like Hatch to direct customers to the nearest retail stores that carry the product they want.

All the while, working closely with the client team to meet their goal of creating a meaningful, elegant and simple experience for customers.

Image that highlights details from the Master Lock website such as buttons, product imagery, filter system, etc.

The site is live, but the work isn’t done.

But the work didn’t stop there. Because it’s not the Griffin way to push our clients out of the nest before they know how to fly, we set the Master Lock team up with a full launch plan that walked them through how to navigate the first 90 days. The plan included a system to handle feedback, pre-drafted communication materials, and a custom analytics dashboard to help set up the team for success.

After months of researching, designing, writing, coding, coffee-guzzling, testing, reworking, and testing again, we ended up with an incredibly smart, intuitive, and business-driving web experience. And to top it off, the modern design pays homage to the old-school-cool legacy of the Master Lock brand.

Two iPhones displaying various pages on the Master Lock website.

Why It Worked

We didn’t just do a little research, we immersed ourselves in our client’s world. Because in order to understand how to create the best digital experience for Master Lock customers, we had to become an extension of the Master Lock brand itself. And once we truly understood the client, the customer, and the business, we could create a website that met the needs of all three. All while honoring the legacy of the brand.

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