Who Knew Being a #CovidBride Was So Influential?


Jewelers Mutual

After so many weddings were postponed in 2020, we knew 2021 was going to be packed with nuptials. And with that busier-than-ever wedding season on the horizon, LC saw an opportunity to leverage influencers to help remind brides about the importance of jewelry insurance for their coveted rings.

3.4 million



Landing page views


Post engagements

The Big Idea

In a jam-packed, post-pandemic wedding season, the last thing we wanted brides to forget about was their jewelry insurance. Because hasn’t enough chaos happened already? We saw an opportunity to partner with covid brides who had postponed their 2020 weddings and were getting ready for the day they had been dreaming about. With the help of these influencers, we would remind other recent or soon-to-be brides that protecting their engagement and wedding rings with Jeweler’s Mutual was one of the easier decisions, even with all the stress of planning and re-planning (and re-re-planning) a wedding.

COVID brides, we get it.

We partnered with real brides who had been through the challenges of postponing their 2020 wedding due to the pandemic. These brides understood the stress and heartache that went into the decision and the hope and excitement that the 2021 wedding season would bring.

Their voices would help us authentically share our messaging – reminding brides that Jewelers Mutual is here to help protect their ring and everything it symbolizes.

A reason to celebrate.

We partnered with four total brides whose accounts ranged from lifestyle to fashion. Together they shared 21 pieces of content throughout the wedding season.

In addition to organic social content on influencer channels, we leveraged paid media support to drive web traffic to the Jewelry Insurance Quotes page. In total, the partnerships resulted in:

  • 3.4 million impressions
  • 15,737 landing page views
  • 232,012 post engagements

Why It Worked

Influencer stories that give consumers an emotionally-charged reason to believe garner the best results. We knew our brides were going through a tough, frustrating time, but by partnering with real pandemic brides dealing with the craziness of wedding postponements, we connected with our audience in a way that made them feel seen and understood. Jewelry insurance with Jewelers Mutual became an “easy” wedding decision in a sea of difficult ones, and one less thing to worry about.

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