Using Smaller, Local Influencers To Make A Big Difference


Hoosier Lottery

The LC Hoosier Lottery team set out to build long-term, authentic and engaging partnerships with Indiana-based influencers who believed in the product and brand, creating content that would ring true for Hoosier Lottery players and prospects alike. 

The Big Idea

LC recognized a shift taking place in influencer marketing. Smaller accounts and local ambassadors began to penetrate this vast space once dominated by celebrities and household names. We knew an influencer program like this would resonate well with our Indiana audience because, put simply, Hoosiers trust other Hoosiers. The goal of our campaign was to bring the passion and fun of playing the Hoosier Lottery to life through social media throughout the year, and amplify the pride that Hoosiers already have for the state of Indiana.

Finding the right fit.

When identifying the right influencer partners, we leaned into influencers who reached or mirrored the Hoosier Lottery priority audience segments, who were passionate about being a Hoosier, and who met other metrics like engagement rate and experience.

We selected four influencers, who would together create 24 unique pieces of content.

A yearlong partnership.

Rather than working with influencers on specific campaigns or individual product launches, we tasked them each with creating unique pieces of custom content across the entire year. They had the flexibility to determine which topics aligned best with their audience and tone, and we amplified organic content with paid media support to increase engagement with Hoosier Lottery.

While the lottery can be a polarizing topic on social media, we found that qualitative comments and engagements on the posts of our trusted influencers were vastly positive, even compared to the brand’s own content.

Why It Worked

Consumers trust influencers who are real and resemble themselves. By working with influencers who could authentically talk about the experience of being a Hoosier while also sharing fun content about the Hoosier Lottery, we were able to attract and engage with all types of current and potential players.

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