Fleet Farm

How we made it personal

Fleet Farm is more than a seasonal store. It’s a destination for all the seasons of life.  

How it connected

7% increase in brand awareness and affinity

To break a retailer’s seasonal stereotypes, we created more seasons.

Fleet Farm is an Upper Midwest retail store that carries everything from farm supply goods to auto parts to housewares. But the term "farm" in the name caused many unaware shoppers to see it as a store for planting season, harvest season and deer season.

To increase store traffic all year round, we set out to reinvent the brand as a store for all of life’s seasons, like Strawberry Jam Making Season, Tending Your Vegetable Garden Season or Teaching Your Kid to Ride a Bike Season.

Mini seasons witha big impact.

Our research showed that Fleet Farm shoppers were do-it-yourselfers that found great satisfaction in getting things done with their own two hands. So to launch the new Seasons campaign, we chose TV, digital, social and radio placements where our DIY target over-indexed.  

To accommodate the dozens of “seasons” we created throughout the year, HIVE, our in-house production studio used footage and stills from 11 mini-shoots to build a library of video and still assets. We then used that creative asset library to create more than 112 TV spots, 15 digital and traditional OOH boards, 7 grand opening social and programmatic campaigns, as well as in-store, community and corporate sponsorships and more. 

This frequency approach helped to establish Fleet Farm as a one-stop-shop for everything anyone could possibly need. And people started to realize that, if Fleet Farm didn’t have something, they probably didn’t need it.

FF Phone Mechanic mage

Thinking toward the future season.

To make the Seasons campaign a fully modular solution, we created brand elements that could be easily tailored to deliver brand new messages with existing assets. By using a twist on the Fleet Farm website search bar to house each season, some of the footage used in a TV spot for Pass the Mustard Season could just as easily be used the following year in a commercial for Teaching Your Kids to Grill Season. No repetition. No wearing out the brand message. And endless ways to remind shoppers that it’s always Fleet Farm Season.



Increase in Brand Consideration 


Increase in Online Sales 


Increase in Black Friday Revenue 

Year-round results.

In the first year of running the Seasons campaign, we doubled brand awareness and tripled brand consideration. The use of the Fleet Farm search bar visual device in every creative execution also established FleetFarm.com as a go-to for all of life’s seasons, more than doubling online sales. But the best part? We set Fleet Farm up for success with the ability to create their own new advertising assets (and new seasons) all on their own.