Healthcare Shaped by You is
Really as Good as it Sounds

Expanding and Rebranding

El Camino Health

San Francisco’s South Bay is the global center of technological innovation. It’s fast. Ever-changing. Always expecting big things. Just like the people who live there. So when we were asked to help our client El Camino Health expand and rebrand, we knew we had to focus on the one thing that set them apart from all the other hospital systems in the area: they listen to the unique needs and wants of their community members, and tailor services accordingly.


Percentage points exceeded top of mind awareness goal.


Landing page visits drove by Shaped by You campaign.


Year-over-year increase in Google my Business searches.

The Big Idea

El Camino’s mission was to rebrand from El Camino Hospital to El Camino Health, all while expanding its urgent, primary and specialty care services to more locations throughout the area, and showcasing its commitment to well-rounded healthcare, wellness initiatives and lifestyle medicine. The biggest challenge for El Camino Health was claiming its own space in a part of the country that’s home to some impressive, dominant healthcare players like Stanford Health Care and Kaiser Permanente.

Digital ad banner for El Camino Health, backdrop image is a woman sitting outside on a building's architectural, circular cut-out while overlayed headline reads, "Care that Revolves Around You"
Digital ad banner for El Camino Health, backdrop image is of a three-person family playing with hula hoops as the sun shines while overlayed headline reads, "Personalized Well-Rounded Healthcare"

No one can compete when it comes to community.

Despite being up against a market of huge, powerful competitors with big names and even bigger marketing budgets, one thing none of the competitors can match is the way El Camino Health knows its community – because it’s truly part of the community. And while it’s technically a “community” hospital system, it’s so much more capable and progressive than your typical community hospital.

Healthcare shaped by you, and you, and you.

We quickly learned that El Camino Health provides care and services based on the unique needs of its one-of-a-kind community. Healthcare that’s shaped by the community. By every diverse member of the community. And just like that, the “Shaped by You” campaign was born.

"Personalized Healthcare Revolves Around You" print ad for El Camino Health by Laughlin Constable.

Why It Worked

Our campaign highlights area locations and landmarks with circular shapes, as well as circles that fill our everyday lives. We paired those images with powerful healthcare images, all to show that El Camino Health offers well-rounded care that revolves around the community. So when we say, “What happens out there, determines what happens in here,” we absolutely mean it.

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