Lifting the Confidence of Windy City Kids

  • Increase in Average Daily Club Attendance
  • Increase in unique site views
  • Increase in donations*
*2018 Youth of the Year event vs. 2017
The City of Chicago is a tough place to be a kid. Which is why the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago want to give the young people of Chicago a glimmer of hope. And the tools they need to become productive adults.

The Idea

At every Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago kids experience more than a “club” — they are members of “A Club for Life.” Discovering skills, confidence and friendships build a solid foundation for boys and girls to grow into solid men and women. And it was important for us to bring this story to life in a thought provoking execution. Through TV spots and PR efforts we were literally showing what the young boys and girls could grow into because of the support of their “club.”​

How it’s Working

The creative campaign was launched successfully across the board, generating multiple PR placements, including “REEL Ad of the Week” in REEL Chicago, a feature in The Drum and a placement in Adweek’s “Agency Spy.”

Board members, club directors, volunteers, club members and their families are heartened by the positivity of the campaign, and the awareness it brought to the city.

But all buzz aside, what really matters is whether or not the campaign does good for the people it’s designed to do good for. And, it has. The campaign, along with some focused outreach efforts, helped the club realize a 20% increase in average daily attendance, which means more kids are off the streets and benefitting from the programs and mentorship offered at the clubs. Add to that a 50% increase in donations at the most recent annual fundraiser, which featured an emotional video developed, produced and donated by Laughlin Constable, and we think we’re onto something good.