Highlighting the bond between the BGCC and Chicago’s youth

A Club for Life

Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago

Chicago can be a challenging place for a kid, which is why the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago (BGCC) enables all young people – especially those in most need of guidance and structure – to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens. Serving over 16,000 youths in some of the city’s most economically and socially challenged neighborhoods, each of the 23 Clubs provides a safe haven for kids to learn and grow.


Increase in average daily
club attendance.


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Video length, proving shorter is not always better; 1 out of every 7 views were completed through the full :90 video – delivering the full story.

The Big Idea

A longtime supporter of the Boys & Girls Clubs in both Milwaukee and Chicago, Laughlin Constable was recruited to launch the first Boys and Girls Club of Chicago campaign in 10+ years. While broader awareness was the ultimate goal, the nonprofit didn’t have the budget to build or measure it – so we needed to increase relevancy and connect our audiences to the mission and unique benefits of BGCC to drive engagement and, ultimately, action.

Boys and Girls Club of Chicago newspaper ad

More than just a club.

Each and every member of the BGCC don’t just have club membership, they are members of ‘A Club for Life.’ The caring adult professionals at BGCC forge long-term relationships and provide life enhancing programs and character development experiences designed to provide hope, opportunity and positive life-long impact.

Illustrating the club’s lifelong impact.

The BGCC believes that confidence is crucial in a child’s development, so we created a campaign that focused key moments a child experiences at their local Club and imagined how the confidence the clubs help instill may impact their grown-up life.

The fully-integrated campaign spanned television, print, radio, digital, PR, OOH and more, literally showcasing what the young boys and girls could grow into because of the support of their Club. Additionally, TV, digital and paid social targeted our donor audience to ensure exposure in the channels that dominate their attention.

Boys and Girls Club of Chicago billboard

An ongoing commitment and partnership.

Laughlin Constable remains a proud partner of The Boys and Girls Club of Chicago. Atop our campaign work with the not-for-profit, we annually produce a video used to amplify the club’s fundraising efforts. This video also plays at the club’s Youth of the Year Award event and has become one of the centerpieces of the recognition event’s programming.

Why It Worked

Internal constituents, including board members, club directors, volunteers, members and their families, were heartened by the positive impressions generated by the ‘Club for Life’ campaign – staff in particular were proud that their contributions were especially recognized. Conversely, the campaign performed well externally, exceeding goals and expectations by relying on a compelling, singular truth: being a part of the BGCC helps ensure members have every possible opportunity to reach their dreams.

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