Relevance in Retail

  • Growth among 13-17 year-olds
  • Facebook Fans
  • Television Markets
In recent years, changes in the retail world have meant the rise of specialty boutiques which have put pressure on department stores. For Bon-Ton Stores, an LC client for more than 20 years, a major shift was in order — not only its approach, but also in who it approached. Expanding Bon-Ton’s target audience to younger, more image-conscious females would be crucial for future well-being.

The Idea

The younger, female target prefers the complete experience and implied specialization of merchandise. They also know how to hunt for what they find to be desirable. By reimagining itself as an inspiration for fashion, Bon-Ton would become a brand on the rise full of must-have merchandise. We helped them tailor a look on TV and social channels with content specifically designed for a younger community. The creative not only stands alongside Macy’s, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor and specialty brands, but stands out among them.

How it Worked

With 275 department stores in 26 states with seven nameplates, implementation was complex, but very doable. Bon-Ton’s revived focus has resulted in an elevated perception of the brand with its younger target. This image shift continues to inspire internal corporate decisions, as well as gain traction with a new audience who identifies with this new look: relevance.