Overhauling from the inside-out to stand out

Repackaging the Packager


Bemis Company is a major supplier of rigid and flexible packaging used by leading food, consumer products, healthcare, and other companies worldwide. After a series of intra-divisional mergers to transform Bemis from a holding company model to an operating company, they found themselves with a name and a brand with little equity.


Increase in trade show leads.


Increase in web engagement.


Increase in Net Promoter Score.

The Big Idea

For the first time, Bemis required strategic marketing in order to drive understanding of the value it offered and separate itself from a market saturated with commodity suppliers. Additionally, Bemis needed to differentiate itself from competing packaging suppliers while also changing the value equation from lowest cost provider to strategic partner.

Bemis print ad in magazine

A catalyst for change.

LC created a transformative campaign for the brand’s internal and external relaunch. Emotion was not a typical driver within B2B communications, and competitors merely focused on functional benefits and business outcomes. But the truth is that organizations don’t make decisions – people do. And business buyers are moved by emotion just like the rest of us, so we positioned Bemis beyond business value and connected with their audience on a personal level. We developed an unprecedented creative idea that was visually and emotionally engaging to solidify Bemis as the trusted partner that delivers the expertise, resources and experience while bringing their client’s vision to life: Bemis as a catalyst for change. 

Bemis tradeshow booth

Why It Worked

Our strategic adjustment focused on turning the value conversation on its head by shifting brand messaging from lowest cost packaging provider to collaborative and strategic partner capable of providing ideas both large and small that would make positive business change. By leveraging the intersection of insights, creativity and collaboration, we successfully drove significant results for Bemis’ business. 

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