New media. New donors.
New results.

YouTube Video Campaign


If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same results, right? So, when the ASPCA wanted to find a way to connect with new donors, it only made sense to do something completely different.


Views on YouTube since campaign launch.


New donors directly attributed to YouTube since campaign launch.


Video length, proving shorter is not always better; 1 out of every 7 views were completed through the full :90 video – delivering the full story.

The Big Idea

The ASPCA has been successfully recruiting donors to help in their mission of protecting vulnerable animals for years through web banners, emails, and native ads. But we wanted to do more. The ASPCA has a powerful story to tell that connects emotionally with millions of people. However, the current digital media channels couldn’t tell the whole story. Our plan? Create a compelling story targeted to a brand new audience not reached on traditional TV through YouTube, then retarget those same viewers with a combination of display banners and YouTube videos. It’s media and creative working together to tell the right story to the right audience. Or as we like to call it, a media-creative-one-two-punch.

Storytelling works, and sometimes, telling a long story works even better.

First, we had to tell the story. And while for years, the ASPCA has successfully raised funds by focusing on the animals the organization helps rescue, we wanted to tell this in a fresh way for our new media tactic. So, we flipped the script and told the story through an empowering lens solely using existing assets.

While we typically live by the “shorter is better” mantra when it comes to videos, we wanted to give this story the time it needed to resonate emotionally with viewers. Our in-house production studio, HIVE, created a :90 video by digging deep into the ASPCA archives and finding footage of rescues, rehabs and more inspirational moments the ASPCA had captured over the years. Yeah, we wanted to feature the animals that the organization helps save. But we also wanted to showcase some of the other work the ASPCA does to help animals, giving viewers even more reasons to believe in and donate to the organization.

ASPCA digital banners showcasing dogs.

Converting curious animal-loving viewers into loyal animal-loving donors.

Part two of the plan was to retarget the people who had watched the YouTube video with digital banners or videos. Retargeting was nothing new for the ASPCA, but with the YouTube video in market, we began gaining donors at an even more efficient rate. The :90 YouTube video allowed us to tell an in-depth story, which paid off down the road when our digital banners reminded viewers the impact their donation could have on vulnerable animals.

Why It Worked

Collaboration works. What started as a smart media buy to find new viewers was driven by a compelling, new creative message and ultimately led to huge new results. And having your media, creative, production, and analytics partners working seamlessly under one roof – or in 2020’s case – on the same VPN, makes all the difference.

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