Strategy & Insight

Without a plan, without something to keep us grounded, we’d be a raving gang of apes with laptops. That’s right, our strategy keeps us on task. If the efforts of our creativity or technological inventions don’t circle back to the plan our strategists created, well, it doesn’t go very far. Because creative that’s done without strategy doesn’t have a soul.

Soldiers of Soul

The essence of what strategy does is simply stated: Make the complex clear. But getting there is no small feat. It takes a team to deliver disruptive experiences. And we’ve built one that’s lacking in nothing.

Our strategy consists of, but is not limited to:
  •   Account Planning
  •   User Experience
  •   Content Strategy
  •   Media Strategy
  •   Digital Strategy
  •   Analytics & Metrics
  •   Social Strategy
  •   Email Strategy

Fancy Charts and Circles

We have a road map and it looks damn good. That’s because we have the help of designers to make our process jump out and slap you across the face. Seriously though, while we know what direction to take, every challenge we face is different. Transforming brands takes a process and the journey from now to next is never a straight line.
  1. Capture the now
  2. Generate the spark
  3. Activate the next

Capturing the Now

Where to start? It can be paralyzing. For us, we think starting in the right place all but guaranties a strong finish. We audit and immerse ourselves in your business. It’s almost like we become you, but not in a creepy sense. It’s important because we need to understand the challenges your business faces and find out what consumers really care about. We have some arrows in our quiver.
  • Trend Watching
  • Longwoods International
  • Mintel
  • comScore
  • Sysomos
  • MRI
  • Google Analytics
  • Nielsen
  • Rival IQ
  • Competitrack
  • Kantar
  • 4 A's
  • Google Partner

Generate the Spark

At this point, we get to play with fire. And who doesn’t love that? Everything that we’ve learned so far comes together. This gives birth to the organizing concept and that spark takes brands from now to next.
Organizing Concept

Activate the Next

This may seem like the end of the journey, but we’re just getting started. It is the point where we begin to bring things to life. The strategic foundation allows our creative and technology teams to develop something truly memorable. And our media, UX and content teams will work to make sure the messaging has impact at every stage of the consumer decision journey. To make sure we’re hitting our mark, the analytics team will create KPIs that allow us to optimize messaging and placement along the way.
The Consumer Decision Journey

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