We consider the consumer decision journey at every stage of the funnel. With that in mind, we craft efficient and effective, channel-agnostic media strategies based on meaningful consumer insights that are derived from a strong strategic foundation and a data-driven mindset.

Our Transparency Lets You See Results

As an agency, being independent makes all the difference for our clients. We offer complete transparency so what you see is what you get, no hidden fees, no surprises, just the media strategy you approved at the start of the process. And because we’re not beholden to any holding company deals, 100% of your media dollars are spent connecting with your audience – and driving business results.

We Measure Up Because We Measure More

With a top-notch, in-house analytics team on hand from the jump, we’re able to measure everything we do at every stage of the journey, so we can ensure that our KPIs align to your business goals. By grounding everything we do in strategy and data we’re constantly optimizing our media plans to drive performance.

How We Do What We Do


First we dig into the specifics of your brand to identify the challenges and metrics that will inform what success looks like.


We transform the strategic platform and ideas into a meaningful and specific connections plan to be executed.


We look at the most effective way to execute the plan, so we can maximize the impact of our working media dollars.


We ensure that our strategies and tactics are delivering on the overarching KPIs and business goals.

LC Trading Desk

Faster Than A Speeding Ad-Buy

Media happens in milliseconds these days. The Trading Desk allows us to purchase digital media placements in an auction-based environment that occurs in the blink-of-an-eye before a website loads. Because we manage it in-house, our traders truly are an extension of the planning team – collaboratively working to deliver business results.​


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Jewelers Mutual

With low overall brand awareness and stagnating conversion rates, we developed a digital solution to fill the funnel in order to drive ongoing policy application starts for Jewelers Mutual. By reallocating 20% of the ad spend to upper funnel tactics (video and display) and dedicating the remaining budget to focus on driving overall conversion, we leveraged a programmatic approach to engage multiple funnel stages in a targeted way. As a result, after just one quarter we increased overall conversions by 30% and decreased our cost-per-acquisition by almost 32%.

Northwestern Medicine

We developed a dense and layered media plan with an integrated channel mix to help our client stay on top in this highly competitive market. Because video, audio, display, native and rich-media were purchased programmatically, LC was able to ensure incremental reach as the campaign progressed. Video and audio elevated the brand. Select out-of-home buys penetrated key geographic territories. Social and rich-media units drove engagement and education, while digital was optimized continually to maximize campaign effectiveness as a whole. As a result, a Media Mix model study found the integrated approach drove a 9:1 ROI.

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