Influencer Marketing

“Influencer” is a powerful word. And considering you trust a social media celeb enough to let them influence the shoes you wear, the coffee you drink, even the way you parent, powerful might even be an understatement. How do you tap into this for your business? Let us help. Our collaborative approach to influencer marketing can help you create engaging content, build awareness, and drive sales.

Creating Influencer Programs that Fit Your Brand

Influencer marketing might seem trendy. In reality, it’s been around forever. From spokespeople and Hollywood stars to sports figures and even mascots, influencers aren’t new. But when social media entered the chat, the entire landscape changed. Now anyone with an Instagram account (or TikTok or YouTube or whatever’s next) and a knack for creating content can be an influencer.

Finding the Right Brand Influencer

Just because someone is an influencer, doesn’t mean they’re the right influencer for you. We work with you to find influencers who fit your unique brand and campaign. Maybe that’s an internet-famous celeb or maybe it’s someone with a small but very dedicated audience. The right fit is key. After all, not everyone needs (or wants) the latest TikTok stars creating a new dance craze for their brand.

The 5 Rs of Influencer Marketing

Our process for influencer marketing strategy consists of five parts. This strategy ensures that you can always measure ROI and program effectiveness.

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Plan specific goals that fit your business objectives

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Audit and select the right influencer partnerships for your program

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Relationship Marketing

Create content that serves the needs of both the influencer and your brand

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Measure success and update strategy to respond to learnings

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Amplify created content through owned and paid relationships

Successful Influencer Campaigns

Jewelers Mutual – Influencer Marketing

Jewelers Mutual – Influencer Marketing

After so many weddings were postponed in 2020, we knew 2021 was going to be packed with nuptials. And with that busier-than-ever wedding season on the horizon, LC saw an opportunity to leverage influencers to help remind brides about the importance of jewelry insurance for their coveted rings.
Travel Wisconsin – Influencer Marketing

Travel Wisconsin – Influencer Marketing

In 2018, Travel Wisconsin set out to enhance its Instagram influencer program. The mission was to identify travel influencers in key niche audiences important to Travel Wisconsin’s target market and turn them into Wisconsin brand ambassadors.
Hoosier Lottery – Influencer Marketing

Hoosier Lottery – Influencer Marketing

If you ask someone why they play the lottery, chances are, they’ll say they play to win. But when we became the Hoosier Lottery’s digital AOR, we set out to change that. We wanted people to play because they saw Hoosier Lottery games as a fun experience from a company they believed in.
Los Cabos

Los Cabos

At this magical destination, the sea and sun meet and become one—attracting both celebrities and your average traveler. But after being closed for COVID-19, Los Cabos needed a way to convince their regulars to come back. And even more so, to reassure them that paradise would still be just as idyllic as they remembered.

Create an Influencer Program that Works

Our creative ideas and data-backed strategies deliver results that fit your goals and your budget. Let’s talk about creating the influencer campaign that will bring your brand to the next level.

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