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WordPress is a content management system (CMS) featuring a plugin architecture and template system. Written in PHP, it’s one of the most popular CMS solutions – driving more than 60 million websites, including 33.6% of the top 10 million websites. WordPress has evolved to support many content types including traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries, membership sites, learning management systems (LMS) and e-commerce stores. It excels at administrative ease-of-use, is agile, flexible and integrates with the data and software that you need to keep your business running smoothly.

LC is experienced in designing and developing a wide range of WordPress sites for all industries, having completed projects for numerous verticals including automotive, healthcare, financial and others. Even our own laughlin.com is powered by WordPress. A plethora of new and evolving WordPress plugins provide the means to morph the platform into whatever it needs to be. And when a plugin we need does not exist, LC boldly creates its own.

Whatever the need, LC has the experience, technical expertise and relationships to make your WordPress project a success.

LC is a WP Engine Hosting Partner

LC powers our WordPress builds with the fastest, most reliable hosting platform for businesses of all sizes. Our partnership with WP Engine provides us with the technical infrastructure and hosting support to ensure our projects are both incredibly secure and highly performant. WP Engine’s 24/7/365 coverage guarantee assures that should something become awry, a response team is always at the ready to field and resolve.

LC WordPress Services and Capabilities

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Full Website Builds

LC builds customizable WordPress-driven solutions using strategic combinations of tried-and-true plugins and themes. Years of experience guide our design and development processes, enabling projects to get into market faster and more efficiently.

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CMS Migrations

LC’s Engineering Team specializes in WordPress. We’re also experts within Kentico , Sitecore and numerous other CMS platforms. Our working knowledge helps us evaluate the best technical solution to drive a client’s business and maximize budgets. As such, a migration to WordPress from an existing platform is seamless and painless.

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Functionality Enhancements

Increasing the capabilities and abilities of the WordPress websites we build and maintain drives our team. Existing websites awarded to us are analyzed and groomed to bring out the best of their inherent abilities. We’re experts at looking at what is already built and enhancing or rebuilding, being careful to make recommendations that are best for the project and budget.

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Digital Marketing, Content and SEO

As an integrated agency, LC spreads technological expertise into all our teams. It is not surprising to see copywriters writing and laying out content directly within WordPress. Digital strategists follow behind combing through content; entering strategic keywords, structured data, metadata and links; and making adjustments for better search engine optimization (SEO). LC lives and breathes WordPress – it’s fundamental to both our and our client’s successes.

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Theme and Framework Overhauls

We have seen our fair share of legacy builds that have exceeded their shelf-life, albeit due to age or advancements in technology. Regardless, LC is always ready to tackle a theme and/or framework overhaul to optimize your digital investment. We are quick to get under the hood, understand business requirements, analyze existing data patterns and get your site back into production operating smoother, better and faster.

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Custom WordPress Plugins

The WordPress Community is well known for creating functionality for about anything. Need a system that helps to manage your aunt’s inventory of needlepoint work and price points? There’s likely a plugin for that. Rare is it the case that a plugin doesn’t exist for whatever you are trying to do. When that does occur, rest assured that LC has the experience and technical savvy necessary to create a custom plugin that delivers the specific functionality.

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Headless CMS Development

Headless CMS is the latest rave and buzzword. Although trendy, it is a solution only appropriate for specific use cases where the same content needs distribution across multiple platforms. Enter WP Engine Atlas, the future of headless WordPress. As a WP Engine partner, LC has insider access to Atlas – which we’ve experimented with and explored. Atlas delivers on many fronts: multiple server-side environments, auto-deployments via source control, JavaScript framework choices like React or Vue.js for single-page applications as well as enterprise-grade security, to name a few of its many advantages.

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Site Security and Performance

In today’s age of data privacy, site security is paramount to any digital effort. Our hosting partner, WP Engine, provides a robust, secure environment for WordPress projects. Balanced with a prioritized focus on site performance (page speed), the WP Engine hosting environment offers the best of both worlds.

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Advanced Tagging and Analytics

A digital platform is not helpful without knowing if it is impacting business. LC’s Analytics Team are experts within the WordPress space, enhancing our builds with dataLayer event tracking tags and Google Tag Manager (GTM) integrations that map data insights into Google Analytics (GA). Diving into dashboards and custom reports, the team analyzes both and more to tell the story behind the data. LC is a data-driven agency – data drives our analysis to determine suggested steps for your needs, and what solutions exist or need to be created. If a solution doesn’t already exist, rest assured that LC has the experience and technical savvy necessary to create a custom plugin that delivers the specific functionality.

LC’s Go-To Suite of WordPress Plugins, Tools and Frameworks

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Advanced Custom Fields provides WordPress with the means to enter data that can be displayed within templates with more precision and customization. When content needs to live outside of the main working area of the page that features Gutenberg Content Blocks, ACF is our go-to solution – it makes complex content editing simple.

Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN is a go-to content delivery network (CDN) solution. Caching content on Cloudflare’s global network reduces the number of requests to an origin by serving static content from a data center, minimizing bandwidth consumption for the end user. Cloudflare supports millions of digital properties, intelligently routing content requests across its networks via the fastest paths possible based upon the end user’s geographical location. As a result, Cloudflare-driven websites load and operate faster while also benefiting from Cloudflare’s stringent security standards.

Genesis Framework and Genesis Themes

The open-source Genesis Framework by StudioPress is a bolt on to WordPress with the primary function of enabling marketers the ability to create and deploy websites without developers. It extends WordPress and the Gutenberg editor’s ability to finely tune a website’s aesthetic. The Genesis Framework is a sound solution for projects needing to be stood up quickly and maintained thereafter by those that do not have a coding background. LC’s hosting partner, WP Engine, offers a suite of Genesis themes for free, enabling project teams to select a look and feel and within a few hours, stand up a website and enter content.

Utilizing the Genesis Framework comes with a disadvantage – site performance is compromised in favor of the marketer’s ability to edit and control art direction. As such, LC prefers to assemble solutions without the Genesis Framework but understands when using Genesis makes business sense.


Toolset extends WordPress by offering a suite of plugins that create custom content post types, fields, taxonomy and relationships. In simpler terms, it allows content to be precisely categorized and relationships defined which establishes queries and patterns that allow content to be displayed programmatically. Leveraging Toolset, one can create a series of dynamic content pages quickly and efficiently, eliminating weeks of project development time. For industries like real estate, healthcare, e-commerce, automotive, etc., Toolset is key to managing and displaying hundreds upon thousands of product detail and sales pages.


WooCommerce is a fully customizable e-commerce platform for WordPress. As a plugin, WooCommerce can be added to any WordPress site to set up a well-functioning, online store within minutes. Secure payments, shipping options, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and more can be integrated into WooCommerce creating a complete end-to-end seamless shopping experience for site visitors. WooCommerce further extends itself by offering a suite of free and paid plugins to customize the experience based upon one’s particular logistical, technical and marketing needs. In short, if WooCommerce cannot do it, it likely is not invented (yet).

Customized WordPress Solutions

A sampling of our WordPress client and industry experience includes work for:

CP Kelco - A Huber Company
Go2 Foundation for Lung Cancer
Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum logo
Silicon Valley Medical Development
World Finance

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