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If you think email is old school, consider this. As the digital space shifts to “cookieless,” data and email still present opportunities for customization and targeting. And our Marketing Automation team knows email. No, like they really know email. With strategic know-how, best practices knowledge, and email marketing expertise, we’re here to help you create engaging experiences that don’t just reach customers, but actually interest them.

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Not surprisingly, sending emails, app messages and mobile messages aimlessly into the abyss isn’t going to get great results.

That’s where we come in. We take the time to craft real strategies and real campaigns. And guess what? They deliver real results.

Lead Gen/Lead Nurturing

When you want to build your business, we’ll work with you to create marketing communications that drive leads through the funnel, boost your conversion rates, and build your ROI.

Client Journey Creation

Deepening your customers’ connection to your brand is the ultimate goal. And we’ll help you create a unique customer journey across all channels that drives engagement, builds loyalty, and keeps them coming back again and again.

Data Driven Communications

Personalized, customized, and real time. Each of these buzzwords is driven by one thing: data. We don’t just use data captured to its fullest, we also ensure you have compliant, accurate, and e!ective data to begin with. We’re also fluent in buzzwords.

We’ve Done this Before

So why trust us with your emails? We’ve got all the pieces of the puzzle under one roof. From strategy to best practices, marketing automation platform experience to results analytics, we do everything you need to effectively and efficiently communicate with your audience. And we make it fun.

Platform Agnostic

Custom Campaigns

Dynamic Personalization

Analytics & Optimizations

Strategy & Implementation

Marketing Automation Case Studies

iPhone displaying the Hoosier Lottery Cheer Challenge
Hoosier Lottery
Cheer Challenge

Using email, in-app and push communications, our Marketing Automation team developed a one-of-a-kind in-app holiday gaming experience that not only increased click-through rates and email opens, but gaming engagement increased entries from a typical 6K – 10K participants to a whopping 43K.

SentrySafe safe

Most people don’t have a strong brand loyalty to their safes. But our Marketing Automation team wanted to change that by developing a welcome series for opt-in customers that’s customized in every possible way. Customers get emails with their specific product information, as well as recommendations for accessories and upsell products based on what they already own. That means each email that goes out is 100% tailored to that person. Pretty good way to build loyalty, huh?

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