What is Tableau?

Tableau is business intelligence software that helps people visualize and understand their data.

Why We Love Tableau

Tableau is fast! You’re able to connect to many different data sources and visualize your data in minutes. It’s interactive smart dashboard provides multiple views of your data and updates automatically.

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Our Tableau Capabilities

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Looking to get started with Tableau? We can help make that transition seamless and painless.

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Want to be a little more hands-off with your data through Tableau? We can help you create a dashboard to consolidate and analyze your data.

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Want to connect systems like Service Now, Splunk, Google Analytics (or wherever else) into Tableau? We can help bridge those gaps to get your data in one place.

Why Tableau at LC?

We love Tableau for its speed, data visualization, and smart dashboard. You’ll love our Tableau expertise, outside-of-the-box mentality, and ability to flex with whatever your digital project challenges us with.

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