B2B Marketing

A business is much more than the products it makes or the services it sells. In the same way consumers want to know what their favorite products stand for, companies want to know who they’re in business with and what their story is. To us, that’s a good thing. Because we help business brands stand out, stand tall and stand apart. We take them from Now to Next.

All Day Every Day

Some agencies say they “can do” B2B work. Well, we’ve made it a higher priority: we do B2B every day. The highly regarded B2B agency Mobium joined our LC family in 2007. And like any good marriage, this union has made our B2B group what it is today. With talent in account planning, creative, PR and more, our team is strong and ready for some heavy lifting.
  •   Brand Identity
  •   Brand Strategy
  •   Brand Advertising
  •   Public Relations
  •   Web Development
  •   Marketing Automation
  •   Content Development
  •   Sales Establishment
  •   Channel Activation / Lead Gen
  •   Experiential
  •   Analytics / Measurement
  •   Internal Communications

Advantage: You

We also draw strength from our position within a B2C agency. We can do a lot of things that competitors usually can’t do. With advantages like in-house production facilities, a robust media group and digital expertise that could fill The Cloud, we’re ready to get down to business. Your business, to be specific.

It all puts us in a unique position to bring business brands to life, to
take them on the journey from Now to Next.


Pirate treasure, space crystals, cursed artifacts. Our print campaign went above and out of this world to demonstrate how UATP helps airlines accept payment in virtually any form, with characters paying for flights using all kinds of fantastical currency. This not only gave UATP an awareness boost, but also helped airlines open the door to new revenue streams.‚Äč
UATP - The New Power of Payment campaign


Overhauling from the inside-out to stand out. See how we did it.

See the Work


Connecting financial health with…actual health? That was the challenge Transamerica brought to us. So instead of shoveling out some humdrum solution, we got creative. Our team developed a hard-core Training Camp, full of instructive emails, engaging videos, weekly quizzes and sweet prizes. This gave the Transamerica sales team the knowledge and tools they needed to ensure their independent advisors could help customers make great financial and healthy choices.
TransAmerica Training Camp website on a tablet

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