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Creative, the kind that makes you fall to your knees and say, “Why didn’t I think of that,” is vital to everything we do. If we make something and it doesn’t look great, sound great, and tell a story that evokes genuine emotion in a unique way then it’s not up to our standards. No matter how the world changes, creativity will always reign supreme when it comes to effectively reaching people.

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Today, everything is digital. Marketing campaigns start, end, and connect through our digital lives. From strategy to implementation, experience design to content management systems, custom cloud implementations to mobile activations, we know how to bridge the world of technology and marketing to drive business results. LC is here for all your digital needs.

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Public Relations

Your brand has something to say and our Public Relations team is here to make sure the whole world hears it loud and clear. We help clients identify opportunities and challenges, deliver honest and educated counsel and bring forth business solutions to help them meet their communications and reputation goals.

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Strategy and Insight

Without a plan, without something to keep us grounded, we’d be a raving gang of apes with laptops. That’s right, our strategy keeps us on task. If the efforts of our creativity or technological inventions don’t circle back to the plan our strategists created, well, it doesn’t go very far. Because creative that’s done without strategy doesn’t have a soul.

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We consider the consumer decision journey at every stage of the funnel. With that in mind, we craft efficient and effective, channel-agnostic media strategies based on meaningful consumer insights that are derived from a strong strategic foundation and a data-driven mindset.

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We’re in the business of making stuff. A pithy headline, a tight script or a beautiful design are born in our collective minds. Through Hive, we give life to the things we create. You could say we’ve developed a God Complex, turns out our clients love it.

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B2B Marketing

A business is much more than the products it makes or the services it sells. In the same way consumers want to know what their favorite products stand for, companies want to know who they’re in business with and what their story is. To us, that’s a good thing. Because we help business brands stand out, stand tall and stand apart. We take them from Now to Next.

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Content and SEO

Your content needs to be relevant to your audience. We help create content that reaches them where they are in their life and their journey. We craft messages that matter; content that supports your business, your users, and helps turn leads into conversions. User data and analytics informs our effective and timely content and SEO recommendations.

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Email Marketing and CRM

From implementation roadmaps to end-to-end campaign planning, we’ll guide you with a marketing automation strategy designed to fit your needs. We craft real strategies and real campaigns, for real results. A platform agnostic approach helps us choose the best option for your needs.

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Let’s face it, we don’t look to the future anymore, we live in the future. Our phones talk back to us, robots live amongst us, and data drives everything. Innovation is the fuel that keeps us evolving. We’re committed to stay at the forefront of technology.

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Influencer Marketing

“Influencer” is a powerful word these days. These social media celebs have communities of enthusiastic, keen audiences with which they’ve built trust and, dare we say, influence. Our collaborative approach to influencer marketing is tried-and-true. Our teams design programs that increase engagement with your brand and expose new audiences to your products and services, all while creating memorable and engaging content that builds brand awareness and drives sales.

Our Clients

Northwestern Medicine
Los Cabos
Milwaukee Bucks
Jewelers Mutual Group (established 1913)
LVNG with Lung Cancer
Master Lock
Hoosier Lottery
Boys & Girls Clubs
World Finance
El Camino Health
US Cellular
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Go2 Foundation for Lung Cancer
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