Insurance is only as good as the people who provide it

Shining the spotlight on Acuity’s super workforce

Insurance is one of those things in life that when it’s needed, it’s really needed. Our livelihoods and most prized possessions rely on being protected. So, when a claim is made, the people who work through it are essential. And when it comes to people, Acuity is second to none. Acuity is known for a passionate, empowered, and enthusiastic workforce. So when a new customer signs up for a policy, they aren’t just getting protection, they’re getting someone who will wholeheartedly be there for them and who will always be ready to answer the call (literally all calls are answered within 15 seconds or less).

Putting our hearts in it

For this campaign, we wanted to show just what taking a wholehearted approach to insurance means by personifying the Acuity employee as a superhero. Afterall, they’ll work day and night to help make sure a business issue or a home or car problem is solved the right way. We turned key branding elements, like the logo, into a beacon and developed a mnemonic to act as the superhero theme for each video. We steered clear of superpowers for more realistic helpful qualities like empathy and fast responsiveness that our reps currently embody.

Connecting our heroes with the right audience

One of the biggest challenges facing Acuity is they don’t have the same level of spending as other behemoths in their industry. Meaning the media targeting has to be smarter. To connect with our commercial line audiences, we developed creative executions unique to each industry including contracting, manufacturing, or retail businesses. We then leveraged our LC Trade Desk to reach them at various points of their decision journey with updated messaging. For personal lines we followed a similar approach whether we targeted someone interested in home, auto or renter’s insurance.

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