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Sponsoring the Milwaukee Film Festival

Laughlin Constable’s passion for all things creative means that we’re always looking for opportunities to support cultural events in Milwaukee. And so, we’re proud to once again sponsor the Milwaukee Film Festival.

This year, we’ve also created and produced the sponsorship trailer that will accompany each film. It was a creative endeavor that leveraged our many capabilities and resources, and we couldn’t be prouder of the LC team that conceived this short.

The 2016 Milwaukee Film Festival runs from September 22 through October 6. The festival continues to connect with the Milwaukee community, with advanced ticket sales up 15 percent from last year. This year’s event has also seen a surge in sponsorship with the number of sponsors increasing from 95 in 2015 to 133.

This year’s lineup offers a taste of nostalgia as well as a nod to the new. The films include: a 30th anniversary screening of David Lynch’s 1986 surreal classic Blue Velvet; Fritz Lang’s 1927 futuristic masterpiece, Metropolis, shown with live musical accompaniment by film festival favorite Alloy Orchestra; Beauty and the Beast, the 1991 Disney musical, shown in a sing-along format; A Song for You: The Austin City Limits Story, a look at the music and public television institution; The Fits, a drama that centers on a girl drawn to a female dance team beset by mysterious convulsive spells; Orange Sunshine, a documentary about a California group that, in the 1960s, became the nation’s primary supplier of LSD.

The Milwaukee Film Festival also announced that this year’s festival will include a new Cine Sin Fronteras program. After the success of the Passport: Mexico Program in 2014 and the Black Lens Program, Milwaukee Film created Cine Sin Fronteras to promote six films and documentaries highlighting the multi-faceted Latinx experience. Curated by Claudia Guzmán, the Sociocultural Program Manager for Student Involvement at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Jeanette Martín, the Assistant Director of the LGBT Resource Center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the films selected transcend boundaries, blur lines and explore themes not confined by genre, language, country of origin, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality or ability.

For information on Milwaukee Film Festival tickets, this year’s program, special guests and available discounts, visit mkefilm.org/tickets.

It’s showtime!

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