My Co-worker the Ghost

First hand accounts of all things spooky at LC

Climb into the Mystery Machine, folks. It’s October and we’re talking about g-g-g-ghosts!

But first, a brief history lesson.

For a little over 40 years, Laughlin Constable has made its Milwaukee home in 4 floors of the Mitchell Building, a really pretty, really old (okay, seasoned) ex-bank constructed in 1876. Now, any structure with over 140 years of history under its belt is going to have a few quirks. Ours just happen to be…well, supernatural.  

It’s no secret that Milwaukee has a reputation for hauntings and superstitions. Years ago, we actually let a woman perform a cleansing ceremony around the building, pouring salt on the sidewalks to ward off ghostly squatters. Now, we’re not saying that this didn’t work, but some of our spooky friends may have stuck around the place, even taking up positions in a variety of departments. Here are some first-hand accounts:

Emily Bird & Kate Sorge (Human Resources)

In July, we had gotten into the office and around 9 or 9:30am. As both of us were sitting in our offices, we heard a voice yell “help!” I (Emily) thought it was Kate, so I got out of my chair and ran to her office. She had gotten up as well and we went to investigate who it was. We asked around our area on the ground floor, and it turned out we were the only two people that had heard it.

Lynne Fraser (Broadcast Production)

I think it was the day after last year's summer party...Friday the 13th. Lights were turned off around the office, down hallways and what not. You'd go to turn a light on, and in the middle of the room or hallway, a single red balloon would be floating with a piece of candy tied to the end of the string. I don't think anyone took responsibility for it either. It was just this random, weird mystery that we talked about for a while and then forgot about.

Jody Banner (Integrated Production)

This was about 5-6 years ago... I was working late and it was already dark outside. I could hear the cleaning staff coming through, vacuuming and emptying out the garbage. As they were leaving, they would turn off the lights after finishing each area. But, I could hear someone else in the area typing. I remember being relieved that someone else was there and I wasn't working by myself with all of the lights off besides the one in my office. Then, I noticed that the typing was more of a 'ticking' sound from a typewriter....not a laptop or keyboard. Once I realized what I was hearing, everything stopped. Stopped. No noise at all.

Anonymous (Creative)

I once thought I saw a ghost, but it just turned out to be Brian Sterricker. Truly terrifying. I felt sick to my stomach.

But don’t take our word for it. Come visit the Mitchell Building yourself. You may find our work going from now to the next dimension…

Happy Halloween!


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