If You (Re)Build It, They Will Come

How To Successfully Pull Off A Website Redesign

Navigating a website project is one of the largest, most complicated, most political, most challenging and, ultimately, most critical projects today’s marketer can tackle. After all, if your brand doesn’t have a compelling presence on the web, does it have one at all? Check out some of the ways you can create not just a killer user experience, but one consumers will keep coming back to.

Project Planning

There are a lot of reasons to redesign your website. Your job is to make sure to identify the internal motives for the redesign and clearly map out your objectives in doing so. Website projects are catalysts for integration, sometimes before the organization is ready for it. Be clear on what is part of the project and what needs to be set aside for future phases. Everyone has a point of view to share. Look to find decision makers within departments and senior leadership as you will rely on them throughout the project.

Creating the Experience

Many brands assume the key to a perfect website is its home page. They’ll spend days crafting an earth-shattering work of digital art that would make da Vinci shed a tear. And it should. But so should the rest of the website. Instead of beginning your site overhaul with the home page, approach design from the inside out. That way, you’ll discover organizational and user insights to help guide you throughout the process.

Content Development

Just like fashion, the work is never finished – it’s constantly evolving. If your brand is good, you’re continuously creating fresh, relevant content. So why should your website be any different? To keep from going insane thinking about this endless feat, form a content strategy that focuses on the consumer journey. Look to equip site visitors with knowledge so they can take action to complete the task that they came to complete on the website.


Stay true to the consumer by selecting a technology on needs, not wants. Just like if you gave into your kid’s meal requests every evening, eventually, seven nights of cake for dinner gets you sick. So call up your IT guy (or girl), and pick apart their brain to determine the healthiest course of action for your site and consumer base.


Your website is a living, breathing thing in need of tender love and care. Build a culture of continuous improvement. Measure what is important, but capture data for future mining. Tailor your measurement stories to help your audiences understand. Focus on measurement that allows you to optimize the site and make marketing decisions based on insights you gathered. What you do now determines how you inform decisions later. So, make it count.

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