Saluting Our Veterans

An inside look at the stories of our very own

Once a year, the Nation takes a day to recognize and thank all of the hardworking, dedicated men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces. Here at Laughlin Constable, we also want to give a special shout out to two of our finest employees, Jeff Louis and Mark Carlson, on the occasion. Both Jeff and Mark served in the US Armed Forces before taking the leap into advertising.
Jeff, our Programmatic Director, served eight years as a Telecommunications Technician for the US Coast Guard. Mark, our Chief Strategy Officer, was a top-ranked Lieutenant Commander for the US Navy.
Here, we share a little more about the how they served our country and the lessons they have brought to LC.
Jeff Louis, Telecommunications Technician turned Programmatic Director

Jeff served in the Coast Guard for eight years, and over those years, he was stationed in southeast Texas, northern California, Puerto Rico, and Kodiak, Alaska.
As a technician, Jeff worked on the telecommunications systems on bases and remote duty stations, hence the time spent in Puerto Rico and Alaska. In his role, he had to solve high-stress situations that shaped him into the tremendous communicator and problem-solver we see every day at LC.
From his cross-functional teamwork to his interest in writing and technology, he’s successfully adapted to the ad industry and become a key member on our media team.
Mark Carlson, Lieutenant Commander turned Chief Strategy Officer

Mark began his journey at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis and over 13 years, worked his way up to Lieutenant Commander. In the Navy, Mark learned what it took to be a strategist and a leader, which would later play a large role in his advertising career. He spent most of his 13 years stationed on the USS Ranger, off which he flew S-3 Viking jets to protect the carrier from submarine threats.
During his time on the USS Ranger, he had more than 300 S-3 Viking jet landing (called traps) – many of those took place in dangerous conditions at night. He also took numerous tours in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf. Most prescient of all, Mark served in a squadron named Red Griffin and little did he know then, it wouldn’t be the last time he would rep the mythic creature.
Next, he served on Colin Powell’s staff at the Pentagon for four years. While there, he worked in the “concrete bunker,” strategizing with his new team and directing plans to operational fields when necessary.  
The most important lesson Mark took from the Navy was teamwork. He learned how to be a leader, how to help his team members develop, how to motivate those around him and most importantly, how to keep everything in perspective while remaining rational and calm in high-stress situations.
After leaving the Navy, he never thought he’d end up in the advertising industry. But here he is, applying core lessons from the military to creative processes at LC.

Jeff has been with LC for five years now, and Mark, three, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have them. A huge salute to you two for your service.
Mark Carlson prepping his jet for launch off the USS Ranger.

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