Make Your Day Golden

Introducing Yuengling’s newest beer in nearly 20 years

D.G. Yuengling & Son has been brewing beer since 1829. That’s nearly 200 years of beer expertise packed into one family business – a feat none of these older brewing contenders or flashy new brands can tout. So when Yuengling’s newest generation approached us with a brand new pilsner, it already wasn’t just any beer; it was a beer six generations in the making.

While it’d be easy for Yuengling’s new Golden Pilsner to ride on the coattails of their lager success, its creators – Yuengling’s newest generation of four daughters – and our team at LC knew this beer had more to it. Its smooth, golden color and crisp, refreshing taste was crafted perfectly for that time of day when work is done, stress flies out the window and good friends gather: it is the beer embodiment of golden hour. With this unique insight, the idea for the first large-scale Golden Pilsner marketing campaign came to life.

No matter where you are, who you’re with or the time of day, when you crack open a Golden Pilsner, it makes your day golden. It has the perfect amount of taste and sessionability that it’s the ideal catalyst for good times ahead. So next time you’re wondering which beer to grab for a round, order a few Yuengling Golden Pilsners, and make your day golden.


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