Byrider Removes “If” from the Car Buying Equation

Brand Reboot + New Campaign

Over the past 30 years, J.D. Byrider has become a leader in the sub-prime auto industry, serving customers across the country. Looking to reinvigorate their brand, they came to LC to help communicate a new approach to their business that puts them in a better position to help customers overcome challenges and obtain vehicles that help them keep life moving forward. The first step was a new name: Byrider.

Building the New Brand

A comprehensive rebranding followed, including a new logo, descriptor, store signage, POP and website. Every piece is intended to reinforce Byrider’s new approach of providing customers top quality vehicles at competitive prices while maintaining a consistently high level of customer service.



In addition to the new brand elements, Byrider wanted a campaign to announce their new direction. So, as we dug in to learn about Byrider and their customers, one insight really stood out to us: these are regular people who just need to catch a break or a second chance. And Byrider gets it: at the end of the day, Byrider is here to help people move on with life.

The Power of “If”

We supercharged Byrider with “The Power of If” to change the conversation around buying and selling used cars. The campaign invites consumers in with empathy and a simple truth: If you could just afford a car, life would be so much easier. Byrider truly cares about customers. It’s not just a place to buy a car—it’s an automotive partner. The new campaign includes TV spots, radio commercials, digital banners and social media support. Our PR work around the brand’s relaunch includes on-location events and enhanced media coverage.

Life comes with a lot of “If”s. But with more than 150 dealerships, Byrider is ready to help people all around the country get their lives back on track and start moving forward.

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