If You Wanna Walk the Walk, You Gotta Talk the Talk

Our Focus is You: Bringing Acuity's new tagline to life.  

Every industry has its own set of insider lingo. From trucking and manufacturing to touring circuses, each trade is comprised of a unique language that helps its employees effectively communicate – the insurance industry included. Acuity wanted to prove that they are truly focused on their customers. So in their latest multifaceted campaign they did just that, by speaking directly to their customers in the language they specifically speak.
On the one hand, that meant diving deep into the culture of their clients’ businesses. Partnering with Acuity’s long-standing, deeply-knowledgeable reps, we were able to create a campaign that spoke the language of the businesses we’re targeting. So while someone working in service and retail might not understand the jargon in ads targeted towards contractors, they’ll understand the service and retail ads targeted towards them – and that’s exactly the point. Acuity is well-versed and intently focused on each business they insure, so much so that when they’re speaking to you, they’re really speaking to you.
On the other hand, this meant speaking to everyday customers – looking for auto, renters and homeowner’s insurance – in a language they understand. Leaving the insurance jargon to Acuity, and talking to customers in their terms, with insurance focused on their specific needs. Insurance that speaks to them on a personal level.
Through a brand new illustrated, animated, multi-platform campaign, Acuity found a unique way to break through the insurance industry clutter and truly speak to you. Because at the end of the day their focus is you.






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