Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends

Blurring the line between digital and human

As seen in TalentZoo‘s blog on January 21, 2016

We now live in a world where digital has become the most important channel in people’s lives and is a central driver of our culture. New technologies are being invented, but just as important, existing technology is evolving to be more user-centric and dynamic than ever before, promoting instant gratification and relevance. All of these changes are an attempt to build an even tighter connection between what’s digital and human, proactively meeting user needs and blurring the lines between on- and offline experiences.

With this continuous evolution, technology has quickly become the key driver of profitability and market differentiation in every industry. We’re in an accelerated digital world, where you need to always be solving for your future. If you solve only for today you’re going to have to solve for today again tomorrow. Because of this, the gap between brands who successfully unlock the key to digital success and the laggards who struggle to keep up continues to grow, creating an even greater sense of urgency to innovate.

Here are Laughlin Constable’s top ten digital trends to look out for in 2016:

  1. The Internet of Things will pave new ground.
  2. We are now entering the Outcome Economy.
  3. Virtual reality will open a whole new world to brands and customers.
  4. Artificial intelligence-driven technologies will find real-world application.
  5. T-commerce will change the way we consume media throughout the customer journey.
  6. The notion of privacy vs. prevalence will stabilize.
  7. Location-based technology will reach a tipping point.
  8. User experience will become more ambient and personalized.
  9. Customers will prefer (and expect) super-service over traditional customer service.
  10. The Sharing Economy will continue to create opportunities for brands to shift the human network.

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