A holiday film from Laughlin Constable

Happy Holidays! Please enjoy the short film we put together to celebrate this time of year. Once you've viewed it, we invite you to scroll down (Spoiler alert: watch before you scroll!) for a look at our behind the scenes to the shoot.

Why did we make it?

This film is an homage to those in life who go out of their way to make sure the holidays are filled with joy and surprise. Hopefully it makes you think of someone you love as well. Maybe you'll want to share it with them? And as we're in the holiday spirit, we'd like to encourage you to support some organizations that are near and dear to us at LC.

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The Making Of:

The Teddy

Meet Teddy. He played the role of our bear. But did you know he’s a quadruplet? We used multiple Teddys throughout the shoot as we gradually destroyed and put him back together.


The Shoot

One day. 12 hours. 7 people. It doesn’t take a massive production to tell a meaningful story. It just takes people who are passionate about making it a reality (and know how to get things done).


The Edit

Two days. One editor. All in-house. It’s amazing what you can do when you have an in-house production company (ours is called HIVE). From the film edit to color to sound, we handled every aspect of post-production under our own roof.

Want to create meaningful work? 

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