The Los Cabos Rules

Returning to normal in a place that is anything but.

Something magical happens when the Sea of Cortez collides with the Pacific Ocean. It’s there, at the furthest point of Baja California, that Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo come together to form Los Cabos. At this magical destination, the sea and sun meet and become one—attracting both celebrities and your average traveler. But after being closed for COVID-19, Los Cabos needed a way to convince their regulars to come back. And even more so, to reassure them that paradise would still be just as idyllic as they remembered.

The Big Idea.

By the end of quarantine, most people were pretty familiar with the new rules—wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands—the list goes on. But when we took a good look at them, we realized they weren’t that different from the way travelers had always lived at the remote tip of the Baja Peninsula. So to point out that paradise was still paradise, even with a few new protocols, we flipped the rules on their heads to create the #LosCabosRules.


Rules travelers can actually look forward to.

Los Cabos isn’t your typical one-and-done destination. It relies on repeats, with people shooting down from the West Coast for a quick stay in paradise. During quarantine, however, these city dwellers had come to find it hard to imagine not wearing a mask in public or having to go out of their way to avoid others. The rules had become second nature. So we reminded them what it was like to follow those same rules in their favorite place to get away, get outside and sip on a beachside margarita.

And they applied to almost everything.

Even deep-sea fishing, hiking, ordering a drink, scuba diving or your average day of racing an ATV through the Baja outback.

Why it worked.

When the world was suddenly told to follow a bunch of not-so-pleasant rules, we showed travelers that Los Cabos was still the paradise they knew and loved by making those same rules seem fun to follow. In just the first three months since going live, the campaign has proved to be both shareworthy and newsworthy, racking up more than 91 million earned impressions for a total of nearly $1 million in earned media.

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