It’s Fleet Farm Season

How a Midwest brand took ownership of the seasons

For a brand that’s firmly rooted in the Midwest, the changing seasons are big business. And while the seasons of the year are big for every retailer, with Fleet Farm there was an opportunity to truly own the seasons. Because Fleet Farm sells just about everything you could possibly need for every season – something their competitors could never claim.

But it’s more than just spring, summer, fall and winter. We tapped into all the little moments and micro-seasons that define life in the Midwest. Shoveling that dreaded spring snow on a Sunday? Fleet Farm season. Planting a new family vegetable garden? Fleet Farm season. Christmas shopping for your grandkids? Fleet Farm season. Time for a new camo hoodie? Fleet Farm season.

Each Fleet Farm spot focuses on these seasons of life, not just to sell products, but to demonstrate that Fleet Farm is a place that truly understands its customers. So, whether we’re talking to a long-time Fleet Farm loyalist, a weekend DIY-er or someone who hasn’t ever shopped there, the goal is the same: make Fleet Farm the every-season store.

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