5 Things we learned at SHSMD Connections 2022

One thing we take seriously here at Laughlin Constable is our commitment to becoming experts on the things that matter most to our clients, no matter the industry. That’s why every year we punch the clock at the SHSMD Annual Conference, where we learn about all the trends, innovations and challenges in the world of healthcare marketing. And this year, just like every year, we learned a ton. But since we don’t have all day (and we know you don’t either), we chose five important nuggets to share.

1. Consumers are open to change

The COVID-19 pandemic upended many outdated assumptions about how consumers are willing to transform and adapt to different ways of engaging with their favorite businesses and brands. If a pre-COVID favorite failed to create a digital bridge, consumers were quick to switch to a brand that did.

2. Healthcare should be convenient

Even though consumers are now used to doing almost everything digitally, 74% of people are still scheduling healthcare appointments by phone or in person. It’s time for healthcare providers to offer the convenience and efficiency people are experiencing basically everywhere else. So let’s make it easier to pay a bill, schedule an appointment or refill a prescription–it’s what everyone expects.

3. Play the “Game of Now”

Best-selling author and entrepreneur, Suneel Gupta (yes, he’s Sanjay Gupta’s brother), was one of the inspiring keynote speakers. He drove home the message that you’ll probably never feel 100% prepared to say “yes” to a new business opportunity or take a risk. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say “yes” now. Don’t wait for another brand to take the leap. Don’t wait for a competitor to do it first. Short-term embarrassment can lead to long-term success if you’re willing to learn from your mistakes and try, try, try again. (We think this lesson works pretty well for personal lives too!)

4. Be the buffalo, not the cow

We promise this will make sense. Shola Richards is Founder and CEO of Go Together Global, an international consulting company whose mission is to change the world simply based on how we treat each other at work. He gave a speech about the importance of courage. When a storm is coming, cows run and hide, while buffalos stand tall and face the wind and rain head on. The more storms you face, the stronger you get and the better prepared you are for whatever else the future throws at you. Dealing with tough situations head on, and immediately, can help prevent trouble from compounding and getting worse. (Another business lesson turned life lesson–or maybe it’s the other way around?)

5. Never go with your first idea

Well, maybe sometimes. But only after you’ve spent some real time thinking through all other options. Give other stakeholders in your company a chance to join the brainstorm, even if they’re from other departments or disciplines. You never know where a good idea will come from, and you owe it to yourself, your team and your business to consider all the possibilities.

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