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So your content looks lost…

Marketers know they need to produce content and they’re creating it with a vengeance: According to a Contently report, 73 percent of organizations created more content in 2015 than they did in 2014 and 77 percent plan to create even more in the current year. Which, it almost goes without saying, adds up to a surplus of content, only one third of which is backed by any kind of plan.

When done well, and according to a plan, content can facilitate conversions. Content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing and produces about three times as many leads. Just as important, it can move consumers along a decision journey that ends in advocacy. But marketers are struggling to break through a cluster of content that’s coming from competitors, publishers and consumers – and many are concluding content marketing “isn’t working.”

The thing is, very little works without strategy and even less works without value. In current content marketing, the two are shockingly lacking. In the next generation of content marketing, they are inextricably linked.

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