2017: From Now to What's Next

Where We Were and Where We’re Going

2016 was a doozy of a year. The world saw the death of Prince, the rise of Trump and a crack in the European Union. In America specifically, we watched with horror as kids took up the Backpack Challenge, our Samsungs exploded on planes and we all pretended to be mannequins. But we also discovered virtual reality (VR), turned our neighbors into internet celebrities and started unplugging just long enough to try meditation.
At Laughlin Constable, we had quite the historic year as well—from celebrating our 40th anniversary to launching our new content production arm. But rather than delve into the depths of the details, let’s browse the highlight reel, shall we?

Improved Creative Leadership

We made the bold move to drastically switch up our creative team by bringing on a new Chief Creative Officer (CCO): Dan Fietsam. Want to get to know this highly awarded, highly caffeinated industry vet a little bit better? Check out his As to our Qs.

New Us

With a tagline like “From Now to Next,” LC’s brand was destined for a refresh. And this year we went all out with pink and yellow, applying our own creative process to produce a look, tone and vibe that was a better reflection of our abilities, our beliefs and our favorite people—our client roster and ourselves!
We also applied the “From Now to Next” filter when looking at our capabilities. Beyond our traditional offerings, we realized we had all the makings of an in-house content hub—one that could better meet the ever-growing, of-the-moment needs of our clients—just without the proper credentials (a name). And so, we created HIVE, followed closely by LC Labs—an innovation engine that allows us to rapidly experiment and develop new solutions and prototypes for our clients, while also empowering teams to dream and create outside their day-to-day responsibilities.

The Work

With new leadership and a new look, it was only natural we began to push ourselves even further when it came to our creative work. Just take a look at what we’ve created in the past 365-and-some days.

What’s Next

We've shown you the now, so you're probably wondering what's next for the industry. Is it VR? Is it robots? Is it the death of all computers? 

Our new CCO has a few ideas, "Seeing how almost everybody in my extended family got "Alexa" this holiday, it’s obvious that AI (artifical intelligence) and natural language processing (NLP) are only going to become more mainstream. What’s not as obvious is how we will fuse this technology with imagination and creativity – and for what purpose. What’s next in my mind is figuring out how we can leverage NLP as the “voice” of our clients’ brands."

Whether it's AI, VR, or robots taking over the industry, we're here to take you and your brand from now to next. 

2017, we’re ready for you.

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