Three Vienna Beef hot dogs on a bun with mustard and onions.

Vienna Beef

After being cooped up inside for the past 16 months, Chicagoans needed a way to get back out there and have some fun before winter forced them back indoors. We gave it to them with the Vienna Beef Hot Dog Stand Challenge.

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Woman holding up her jewelry-clad fingers

Jewelers Mutual

When we were challenged to breathe new life into a 106-year-old brand, we accepted. Why? Because we’re just as obsessed with delivering strategically sound, insight-driven, breakthrough work to our clients as our client, Jewelers Mutual, is with delivering best-in-class jewelry insurance to jewelry lovers across America.

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Illustration of Acuity Insurance agents as super heros.


For this campaign, we wanted to show just what taking a wholehearted approach to insurance means by personifying the Acuity employee as a superhero. After all, they’ll work day and night to help make sure a business issue or a home or car problem is solved the right way.

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Ocean and rock formations in Los Cabos.

Los Cabos

At this magical destination, the sea and sun meet and become one—attracting both celebrities and your average traveler. But after being closed for COVID-19, Los Cabos needed a way to convince their regulars to come back. And even more so, to reassure them that paradise would still be just as idyllic as they remembered.

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Single lens reflex camera.

What. A. Year.


2019 went by in a blink. Maybe that’s because we were so busy making a ton of breakthrough work. Check out more of what we’ve been spending our days (and nights and a few weekends) working on over the past year.

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