Brightly colored Fall leaves.

Travel Wisconsin Influencer Marketing

In 2018, Travel Wisconsin set out to enhance its Instagram influencer program. The mission was to identify travel influencers in key niche audiences important to Travel Wisconsin’s target market and turn them into Wisconsin brand ambassadors.

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Supersized hourglass in train station with fall foliage substituting the traditional sand filling.

Travel Wisconsin

Millennials are always looking for new ways to experience the things they love doing. In addition to traditional creative executions, we created digitally optimized creative to pair their interests with activities, festivals and events found only in Wisconsin throughout the year.

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Ocean and rock formations in Los Cabos.

Los Cabos

At this magical destination, the sea and sun meet and become one—attracting both celebrities and your average traveler. But after being closed for COVID-19, Los Cabos needed a way to convince their regulars to come back. And even more so, to reassure them that paradise would still be just as idyllic as they remembered.

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"Panic Study Your Way to a B" promotion for Amtrak Hiawatha by Laughlin Constable.

Amtrak Hiawatha

College is exhausting. Rarely do you have time to put your feet up, your headphones on and just daydream. Enter Amtrak Hiawatha. It’s not just a way to get to Chicago or Milwaukee without sitting in soul-crushing traffic. It’s 90 minutes for you to do you.

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