Reporter holding notebook and microphones.

How a Non-profit Model is Leading a Resurgence in Local Earned Media


Across the country a shift toward non-profit journalism is popping up in local communities to help bridge the gap between nationalized cable news programming and the for-profit local news sources that are becoming fewer.

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Boy giving an adult a high five.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago

From the hard streets of Chicago grow strong men and women. The 2019 Boys and Girls Club of Chicago celebrates these young people and the safe haven that provides support and teaches them the skills they need to grow into successful adults.

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A family playing in a park with hula hoops.

El Camino Health

Our campaign highlights area locations and landmarks with circular shapes, as well as circles that fill our everyday lives. We paired those images with powerful healthcare images, all to show that El Camino Health offers well-rounded care that revolves around the community. So when we say, “What happens out there, determines what happens in here,” we absolutely mean it.

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Man in ASPCA t-shirt holding a puppy.


Instead of spending media dollars attempting to convert the animal-loving masses into donors, we made every dollar go further by focused our approach on two specific groups who were already willing to donate: lapsed donors and one-time donors. And by using first-party data, we encouraged both groups to give more often with monthly or daily gift amounts.

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